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Let’s pick out your resilient gym floor

The flooring you install in a gym should have specific attributes if you want to make it functional and easy on the body. Resilient flooring is a perfect choice, as there are plenty of benefits that are truly unsurpassed in this product line.

What’s more, there’s excellent longevity in the material, which matters in spaces like this. With great activity, there are more opportunities for wear and damage, so the greatest care must be taken to ensure you get a product that withstands it all. We can help with the process.

See the difference resilient flooring makes

Solid wood or concrete is hard on the body, especially muscles and joints. This has been the cause of many an injury while playing or working out. The good news is that resilient gym flooring reduces injury, muscle fatigue, and absorbs weight more evenly, for all-around better performance, whether for fun or work.
What could you do with a floor covering that helped performance, aesthetics, and your budget, all at the same time? Why the possibilities are endless. But it takes a quality installation to get the most out of these floors truly. When you purchase your resilient flooring from us, we’ll make sure your requirements are considered before we take the first measurement.

For our team of experienced and qualified professionals, resilient installation is nothing out of the ordinary. They’ll give you the quickest and easiest installation possible, keeping you informed the whole time. The installation process requires the installation of several layers, all incorporated to provide the very best resilience, so great care is taken for each step.

If you have more questions about this fabulous material, or if you’re ready to have your resilient flooring installed, simply visit us when you’re ready.
Waterproof flooring in Minnesota from Hiller Stores

When you need a resilient flooring retailer

As a resilient flooring retailer, Hiller Stores hopes to meet all your needs. From the perfect materials and products to professional installation that makes it all worthwhile, we’ll be your one-stop-shop for resilient in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota & South Dakota. Call us and find out more.

We’ve been a family-owned flooring store since 1947, and throughout that time, we've worked hard to ensure that all our customer’s needs are met. When you call us, you’ll get the same personal attention you deserve, no matter how large or small your flooring project. We look forward to serving you soon.